October 4, 2017 — October 6, 2017

45th European Transport Conference

45th European Transport Conference

European Transport Conference 2017:

Dr. Imre Keserü will present the research paper Keeping busy while traveling: Evidence for travelbased multitasking from Belgiumco-authored with prof. dr. Cathy Macharis, during Session 5: Value of Enjoyment Time (05/10/2017, 12h-14h).

The following day (06/10/2017), Dr. Keserü will also present MOBI’s findings for the Mobility4EU project: What future for transport in Europe in 2030? Participatory evaluation of scenarios for transport in 2030 in the Mobility4EU project, co-authored by prof. dr. Cathy Macharis and prof. dr. ir. Thierry Coosemans.

“Uniquely in Europe, the European Transport Conference (ETC) provides a forum for the coming together of research, policy and practice in transport. The Association for European Transport is committed to providing a meeting place for transport practitioners and researchers from all parts of the world, from new entrants to the profession to established senior figures. Speakers are asked to draw out the policy implications of research – not to only concentrate on the design and operation of a model, for example. Equally, practitioners and policy makers are encouraged to relate their presentations to the research behind the implementation of schemes and policies. Attendance at ETC allows different groups to pose questions to fellow professionals and to assess what is possible in terms of delivery. Researchers are challenged by policy-makers; practitioners need to deliver on the ground what the policy-makers want”.

For more information and recent updates, please visit the event’s website: https://etcproceedings.org/

When? 4-6 October 2017

Where? Barcelona, Spain