July 17, 2017 — July 21, 2017

IFORS 2017

IFORS 2017

Several MOBI research papers have been accepted for the 21st Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS 2017). The theme of this year’s conference is OR/Analytics for a better world.

Dimitri Robert, prof. dr. Thomas Crispeels and prof. dr. Wouter Verbeke will present their paper A new class of relational classification techniques based on centrality measures, co-authored by María Óskarsdóttir and Bart Baesens.

During the session on Business Analytics 3, chaired by prof. dr. Wouter Verbeke,  Sheida Havadi presents Understanding heavy goods vehicles’ behaviour by means floating car data, co-authored by prof. dr. Tias Guns, prof. dr. Wouter Verbeke, dr. Sara Verlinde and prof. dr. Cathy Macharis.

Floris Devriendt and prof. dr. Wouter Verbeke present their research on Profit driven uplift modeling which covers the results of the benchmarking study and proposes aprofit-driven approach towards uplift modelling which takes into account the costs of the campaign and the expected benefits.

Dr. George Petrides shows us A closer look at voting methods for cost-sensitive ensembles, co-written with prof. dr. Wouter Verbeke.

Sam Verboven introduces Customer intelligence and analytics in the financial industry: A unifying customer lifetime value-based analytics framework. Also in collaboration with prof. dr. Wouter Verbeke, this paper presents a highly flexible, modular approach to linking and aggregating existing customer-level analytics models by adopting an extended Customer Lifetime Value metric adapted to the financial industry.

IFORS 2017 will be held between July 17-21, 2017 in Quebec City, Canada. A preliminary schedule of the conference is available here. To register, please visit http://ifors2017.ca.