June 21, 2017 — June 21, 2017

Mobility Is A Serious Game

Mobility Is A Serious Game
Do you feel we could do more to tackle current mobility issues? Do you want to explore the future of mobility in a playful way, creating new and shared insights? Then our event Mobility Is A Serious Game is your chance to connect the dots!

“Last Spring, 6 socially involved professionals, Koen De Maesschalck (Colruyt Group), Cathy Macharis (MOBI – VUB), Karin De Schepper (Inland Navigation Europe and CleanAirBXL), Miguel Vertriest (Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit), Guibert Boone (Fockedey) and Steven Vandenbrande (Durabrik), joined forces to work together on the topic of mobility.
Inspired by the work of Laurent Bontoux of JRC – European Commission, they created  an interactive game aimed at connecting people, promoting new ideas and empathy for the different stakeholders and each other’s roles. After an extensive test round, the game will be launched on June 21, 2017 during Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit’s annual congress, at Colruyt Group (Halle, Belgium). Flemish minister for mobility, Ben Weyts, as well the Brussels minister for mobility, Pascal Smet, will also be present!

There are only 120 places reserved for the first official try-out. After lunch, a number of motivated people will present their solution to the mobility problem in short pitches. Registration costs 50 €, but in addition to lunch, you also get to take the mobility game home with you!

Here you’ll find the invitation in Dutch, French and English. To register follow the link in the invitation or click here to register via Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit’s website“.

When? 21 June 2017

Where? Colruyt Group, Halle – Belgium