January 28, 2019 — January 28, 2019

Turnhouts Wetenschapscafé – Cathy Macharis

Turnhouts Wetenschapscafé – Cathy Macharis

On Monday the 28th of January 2019, Prof. dr. Cathy Macharis will present “The city of the future: the human city” at the Turnhouts Wetenschapscafé.

A science café brings science to a café. Since the beginning of 2013, this initiative also exists in Turnhout. The concept of the Turnhouts Wetenschapscafé consists of inviting on a regular basis a scientist who speaks about her / his specific interest or speciality for a diverse audience in a low-threshold environment while consuming a fresh beer.

After the presentation by the speaker, a traditional question round is held where the questions of the audience can be discussed.

Afterwards, there is also the possibility to personally get in touch with the speaker.

When: 28th of January, 2019

Where: Turnhout, Belgium

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