July 26, 2017

MOBI review article now part of the digital collection of ASME!

MOBI review article now part of the digital collection of ASME!

A MOBI paper by Rahul Gopalakrishnan has been accepted to the digital collection of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)A Comprehensive Study on Rechargeable Energy Storage Technologies. You can acces the paper here: goo.gl/zbvnYq

It is co-auothered by ir. Shovon Goutam, dr. ir. Luis Miguel Oliveira, dr. ir. Jean-Marc Timmermans, prof. dr. ir. Noshin Omar, dr. ir. Maarten Messagie, prof. dr. ir. Peter Van den Bossche and prof. dr. ir. Joeri van Mierlo.

“This paper provides an extended overview of the existing electrode materials and electrolytes for energy storage systems that can be used in environmentally friendly hybrid and electric vehicles from the literature based on lithium-ion and nonlithium technologies. The performed analysis illustrates the current and future evolution in the field of electrode materials development (2015–2040). The investigated characteristics are specific energy, specific power, cycle life, and safety. Furthermore, the proposed study describes the cost and life cycle assessment of the proposed technologies and the availability of these materials”.

Find out more about Rahul’s research here: http://mobi.vub.ac.be/mobi/team-member/rahul-gopalakrishnan/