June 23, 2017

New VUB fellowships announced!

New VUB fellowships announced!

Our new VUB fellows are known! We are pleased to announce MOBI will be working closely with dr. Ali Mohammadi (senior manager – Toyota Belgium) and André Céron (director Logistics Dreamland, Dreambaby, Collishop – ‎Group Colruyt).

Download the info brochure here or read the press release from VUB Today below! 

“At the Fellowship Ceremony on June 22nd Vrije Universiteit Brussel announced the names of 29 new Fellows. They are one by one at the top of corporate, government of social organisations. Among them are astronaut Frank De Winne, serial entrepreneur Sihame El Kaouakibi, minister Sven Gatz, European parliament member Lieve Wierinck, aside from many other prominent individuals.

To rector Caroline Pauwels the Fellowship truly embodies the task of a university. “A university today should be a motor for technological and social innovation in collaboration with others. With forward-looking entrepreneurs, with passionate people from the social sector, or the cultural sector, or the government, in short with everyone that sees the exchange of knowledge, of experience and of ideas as a condition for true progress.”

Fellows are strong figures that have earned their tracks outside the university. These role models are active in the industry and corporate world, in politics and policy making, at leading organisations and institutions. They commit themselves to share their experience and expertise with VUB and its faculties for a period of three years. The motto “Academia meets Society” is the starting point of the Fellows at VUB. They form the bridge between the academic world and society.

Testimonials from a number of new Fellows.
Serial social entrepreneur Sihame El Kaouakibi: “The title VUB Fellow is a nice recognition of social entrepreneurship from the academic world. It acknowledges that as a society we must be engaged to all actors in developing perspectives, in breaking down social and economic walls and in investing in new generations.”

Astronaut and current head of the European Astronaut Centre Department HRE-A Frank De Winne: “Universities will play an ever increasing part in shaping the future of society.”

Minister of Culture, Media, Youth and Brussels Sven Gatz: “The more a university opens up to society, the easier it becomes to create and maintain organic cooperation.”

European parliament member Lieve Wierinck: “I am convinced that our society now more than ever needs unbiased, free thinking professionals.”

The names of all 29 new VUB Fellows: 
Yves Goldstein – Nic Van der Marliere – Marc De Groote – Muzaffer Güler – Ali Mohammadi – Michael Peeters – Chantal Cooreman – Sven Gatz – Jacky Goris – Patrick Van Kerckhove – Michel De Gols – Erik Derycke – Chris Reniers – Veronique Feipel – Ghislain Decadt – Frank De Winne – Frank Vandendriessche – André Céron – Tamara De Bruecker – Ann Peuteman – Frank Van Massenhove – Vincent Verouden – Lutgarde Buydens – Paul Callewaert – Pim Drinkenburg – Karine Moykens – Bilal Benyaich – Sihame El Kaouakibi – Lieve Wierinck”.