Consumer behaviour

Next to the long-time tradition of more than forty years researching technological aspects of electric vehicles, MOBI also offers interdisciplinary expertise for the socio-economic aspects of electric vehicles.

Forecasting market potential

MOBI regularly conducts large-scale consumer surveys to assess the market potential of electric vehicles. The information gathered from the respondents allows to provide detailed insight in consumer preferences with respect to important cars attributes, such as price, range or fuelling/recharging infrastructure. Based on these insights, discrete choice modeling techniques are applied to infer the market potential in the near future for electric vehicles and different other car configurations.

The market simulation also allows to estimate the impact of several government measures to stimulate the mass market adoption of electric vehicles, such as fiscal advantages for buyers.


Roll-out of infrastructure

Simultaneously with, and in support of, the maturation of the market for electric cars, it is necessary to define strategies for the roll-out of the recharging infrastructure. MOBI combines GIS analysis and location science techniques to develop optimal roll-out strategies in combination with the market potential forecast.


MOBI’s expertise actively advised green transport strategies developed by policy makers and private companies, such as the Belgian, Flemish and Brussels government, Brugel, Eandis and Infrax, and continuously remains at cutting-edge level thanks to regional, national and European projects.