Life Cycle Assessment – LCA

MOBI develops advanced Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods and practical procedures that translate sustainable opportunities into business realities.

By analyzing your company’s operations and supply chains, MOBI effectively bridges the knowledge gap, offering powerful insights into the economic, environmental and social impact of your products and services.

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More than that, however, MOBI translates these sustainability insights into tangible opportunities that promote value creation within your company. We help create value by identifying opportunities for cost reductions in the value chain and by sharpening your competitive edge with more efficient products and services that offer better market perspectives, while improving your corporate image.

MOBI reached a significant breakthrough based on:

– A unique range-based vehicle LCA,
– An extensive Lifecycle database,
– The integration of the temporal and spatial dimensions,
– Specific Key Environmental Performance Indicators (KEPI),
– The combination of environmental-LCA with life cycle costs and social-LCA in a sustainability assessment.

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