Electric and hybrid vehicle technology

MOBI has a long track record in the field of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles and is internationally recognised for its vast experience and expertise related to vehicles power train design, battery research, environmental assessments, socio-economic evaluations and standardisation.

The assessment, design and optimisation of electric and hybrid powertrains represent a major pillar of MOBI’s expertise in the field of clean and energy- efficient vehicles. MOBI’s dedicated test infrastructure and simulation platforms have proven to be essential assets in various collaborative projects with industry partners, reinforcing the group’s leading position in the field of electromobility.EV


MOBI’s holistic approach of e-mobility includes expert tools to assess the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) analysis allowing comparing electric and hybrid vehicles with other alternative and conventional vehicles. Dedicated GIS-based models have been developed to assess the intelligent roll-out of charging infrastructure.

V2X potential is assessed on a technical and economic level.


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