Battery Innovation Centre (BIC)

Prof. Dr. Noshin Omar +32 2 629 28 01 / +32 486 99 74 51 Building Z - ZE002

Prof. dr. Noshin Omar obtained his M.S. degree in Electronics and Mechanics from Erasmus University College Brussels. He obtained his PhD in 2012 in the department of Electrical Engineering and Energy Technology ETEC, at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.

He is the Director of the Battery Innovation Centre of VUB. Currently, he is coordinating several national and European projects in the field of characterisation, electrical, thermal, electrochemical and lifetime modelling of various rechargeable energy storage systems. He was and is still active in various European projects such as SUPERLIB, BATTERIES2020, FIVEVB, ORCA, ASSURED, GHOST, OBELICS, IMAGE. He is authors of more than 140 scientific publications.

His research interests include characterization, modelling (electrical, thermal, ageing) and system development of electrical double-layer capacitors and batteries in BEV’s, PHEV’s, HEV’s and stationary applications. He is also active in several international standardization committees such as ISO/TC 22/SC 37.